Train Vs Vehicle 6-8-2024
By Stockdale Fire Dept
June 8, 2024

Train Vs Vehicle 6-8-2024.

At 12:53 am, Station 17 was activated for a train vs. a motor vehicle accident, with unknown injuries, in the area of Broadway St. in Allenport. Chief 17 arrived on scene and found one vehicle on its side, and no one around the vehicle. Squad 17 arrived on scene and began getting information. Norfolk Southern personnel reported a possible second vehicle was involved. All crossings just prior to the Allenport Marina down to Speers were blocked.

At that time, Chief 17 requested additional manpower, Drone 17, and Station 33 (Charleroi) to be activated to access the river side of the tracks from Second St in Charleroi and make their way towards Allenport to check for the second vehicle or people. Brush 17, Drone 17 was launched, and 33 units arrived on scene and began a search of the tracks and surrounding riverbanks. While crews were performing a ground and an arial thermal search, PSP located the operator of the vehicle at their residence and a second vehicle was not located. All units to returned in service after approximately 1.5 hours.